Sam Harper


Sales Representative

Sam was born and raised in Guelph. He grew up playing as many sports as time would allow. Every sport he played, he played at a high level. Sam graduated from CCVI and attended the University of Guelph, where he found a passion for bodybuilding and pushed himself to place 5th in the Canadian Nationals.

Sam created his personal training and body composition business and excelled quickly. Sam understands dedication to a fault, to sculpt a body you must invest thousands of hours, endure endless amounts of strain and pain, strict eating habits and constant sacrifice to maximize your results. Sam has a large client list that he provides coaching to every day.

This translates well into the Role of a Real Estate Agent. He has an incredible amount of energy and wants to ensure maximum results for his Real Estate clients. Sam recently completed his Real Estate courses and graduated from Humber College.

He has transitioned to a Full Time Realtor and is eager to work at a professional high level, providing a second to none customer service. There are no Limits for Sam…. He will get it done!

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