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How Do You Determine Your Asking Price?

This process seems pretty straightforward. However, it is one of the most important steps to having a successful sale for the most money possible.

Using Comparable Properties that have sold within the last 60-90 days is a good baseline to work from. Our Team has access to all registered sales in your neighbourhood or rural region. Understanding why houses sold for the price they did, is important information to assist with our discussions for your property.

There are many other contributing factors to setting your final listing “ask” price. Time of Year, Market Conditions, Financial Markets (interest rate announcements), Social Media Trending Topics, Government Influencing Topics, and so on. We establish a listing price together. Our intentions are always to give our clients the advantage over all other competition in the market. We are here to help you!

How Do You Attract Qualified Buyers?

We have one opportunity to make a really good first impression! We use a professional photographer to shoot the properties we sell. To ensure the pictures have an impact on the Buyers, we want to make sure that every inch of your home is model home ready.

We Have Cleaners, Stagers, Painters, Plumbers, Electricians, Tilers, Flooring Installers… You name the trade, we have a trusted name! If this is not needed or an option, we work with what you have.

You are hiring us to get you the absolute highest price. Aside from the home, we need to show the Buyers the location and amenities such as Trails, Parks, Neighbourhood, Conveniences, Golf Courses, Proximity to Major Highways in the area, and more. We do this with an aerial Drone video and written remarks. We Showcase your Home/Property!

Depending on your property type, we build a profile of the Buyers most likely to purchase the home. Then we establish where we are most likely to find that person and target them in our marketing campaign. Our Marketing is second to none! We have exclusivity in our entire region. No other Agent or agency will be able to offer the same campaign. We won’t give out all the ingredients to our secret recipe here… But we would be happy to explain it in detail during our meeting.

We also have an in-house Mortgage Broker that can qualify or disqualify any and all Buyers that require approval for a mortgage.

How Do You Ensure Views Are Successful?

The end result of successful views are offers! Exceptional Presentation of the home and an excellent marketing strategy increases our success and yours! It’s Important to understand the process, and set your expectations accordingly.

The price point of your property will usually impact how many buyers are in your market. Buyers are plentiful in the entry-level to mid-price range. Upwards of that amount, the number of qualified buyers becomes less and less. We want to ensure that the people viewing your property have been prequalified so there is no time wasted.

It is also very important that the home is shown in its best form for every showing. You only have the opportunity to make a first impression once, so let’s make it a good one! We provide our sellers with consistent feedback and direction if needed. 

What Is An Offer Exactly?

An offer to Purchase or Lease is only taken seriously when in writing. When a seller is asking a price for their property and a buyer would like to purchase or lease that property, they make an offer to purchase or lease that property for a price that they would like to pay.

There might be conditions attached to the offer. The Buyer might want to have an inspection to ensure that the property, home and its mechanicals are in good working order. The buyer might have a condition of Financing, Insurance, Sell their house, and so many other possibilities.

This offer does not become an agreement until both parties sign the agreement accepting the price, terms and conditions, and a deposit has been received in the designated trust account. We will explain any offer in great detail with you prior to you engaging in a negotiation or agreement.

Sellers can also have conditions added to an offer for their benefit and protection. There is a consequence to every action – our job is to discuss those possibilities with you and help guide you to your desired end result.

How Do You Ensure the Closing Goes Smoothly?

To ensure your closing goes as smoothly as possible, make sure you have submitted all documents requested by your mortgage company. Any task requests from your lawyer are completed in a timely manner. All utility companies and rental assumptions have an account set up for you. Confirm your movers or rental truck reservation is ready for the day of closing. You will most likely receive your keys by mid to late afternoon. Organization will reduce stress!

Ryan Morris Real Estate Team